Meeting Move D with LWE

Meeting Move D / London / 25.03 2011

Just before his Live set at London’s Toi.Toi.Musik, we caught up with David Moufgang on behalf of Little White Earbuds. We talk about music, life, studio machines, inspirations and more…

David Moufang, or Move D is known as a musical taste-maker, experimenting with numerous interpretations of sound and their multitude of possibilities. Moufang’s fascination dates back to being allowed to roam freely through his stepfather’s record collection and sound system at a young age, choosing his favorites by their artwork and playing them on a continuous loop. Moufang’s grandmother was a classical concert pianist and he fondly recalls sitting under the piano as she played, surrounded and lost in sound. Briefly experimenting with guitar and playing drums in a school band followed, but it wasn’t until he was 26 that he says he made his first “good” record. The aftermath is possibly one of the finest discographies out there. It was in 1995 when David Moufang released the outstanding Kunststoff album that the German artist turned yet another corner. 16 years later and the LP remains one of the most recognizable techno albums ever made. Move D has since gone on to carve a sound all of his own, one that he refuses to name or even recognize. Nearing 30 releases later and spanning labels such as Warp, Compost, Workshop, Modern Love, liebe*detail, Philpot, Running Back and most recently Uzuri, it appears Moufang remains his harshest critic and admits to cringing at his own music and feeling uncomfortable while performing live. For LWE’s first video-enhanced feature, we asked him about his earliest influences, favorite equipment, the current state of deep house, and whether it’s possible to be comfortable with what you’ve made.


For the full transcribed interview, please visit LWE’s feature

2 Responses to “Meeting Move D with LWE”
  1. sassafras sound says:

    is it possible to find out the track names from the videos. these vids are great. thanks for sharing.

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