Bearight goes live on Input Selector

Input Selector 085 Bearight – Live

Bearight‘s (aka Alex Kassian) Live Debut from our January edition of selective pressure party brought us fond memories, now on live exclusively at Input Selector podcast series. Input Selector is a well estalished French cultural & electronic music webzine from Nantes, spreading the fresh and old school talent within the underground electronic music scene to the rest of the wrold. Now we have something in common with Chez Damier, Jay Haze, Delano Smith and Frivolous !!

His live set is a documentation of his productions from the past 6 months, which took us on a ecclectic musical journey, but showed us more importantly, that electronic music can be played live with the human touch, as you might have seen him jamming a lot on the keyboard. That’s what he’s all about- and we are glad to know. The recording is slightly rough around the edges- but it’s no biggie. It’s living room music as well as music for the floor, but always pumping with good vibes. We spoke to him earlier last month, here’s a few words from the man.

« it’s not the easiest to find yourself an identity in electronic music. Truth is that the internet allows us to discover so many types of new music, that we’re always influenced by so much of what we listen to, and that I can’t land on one style for my own productions. Part of me tells me it’s fine the way it is, because it allows me to try various types of projects which involve elements from all corners of our planet, so rich in music. But it’s also slightly frustrating (but strangely pleasurable at the same time) not being able to land on one particular style and commit. So here’s the thing. I’m gonna try to write classical music as well as electronic while I’m at it. As far as I know, good music is good music and that’s what seems to count for everyone. Lost in some kind of made up world with your imaginary friend? That sounds just about right. Hope you’ll enjoy it! »


We would like to thank Arnaud and his crew from Input Selector for hosting this special moment for us,

lots of love X



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