fabric x The Secret Agency

The Secret Agency Night at Fabric / 19.02.2011

Photos and Japanese Review on Higher Frequency by Kojun / selective pressure:

Our second bite at the fabric cherry brought together Ethyl, Patrice Scott and Giles Smith. 3 DJs know for their forthright, uncompromising style. There was hardly a CD in sight and those that did come out packed a punch, with some raw jams forth coming from the artist’s own labels and close cousins like Aesthetic Audio gripping the fabric crowd throughout.

Ethyl’s fabric debut warmed the room up nicely, playing cat and mouse with the slowly building crowd, teasing in with cuts from the likes of RNDM and slowly edging the floor towards its peak. His melodic flourish to end his set gave way to the warmth and atmosphere of Detroit’s Patrice Scott, who set off quickly into the groove, melding the swing of house with the hypnotic power of techno in a way only he can. Patrice is a fabric regular and really showed why, pushing and pulling the assembled heads in all directions, showcasing new material as well as tried and tested Detroit beaters.



By the time Giles Smith took over at 3am the room was ticking over nicely, but the secretsundaze resident clearly had other ideas. Wave after wave of some of the most sophisticated house boomed through room 3, with each track luring in more dancers and keeping the faithful locked into step. Records from Steven Tang, fresh from Berlin’s Hardwax store gave the set a unique edge and the crowd responded dully. An hour past the scheduled closing time the music finally stopped, as the last few bars played out shots were raised to a special night.


words by Ben Start


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