Funky Time

Funkyzeit at secret location 04.02.2011

Last weekend was a blast, started off with Star of Kings, new venue located in Kings Cross, where our very own Lookleft+Bearight played for Greyhound. Thereafter we quickly made our move to secret location warehouse party Funkyzeit in the East. (let’s not talk about where it actually was, just make things a little more intersting!)

It was in dark, grimy, deepest of underground, but most importantly there was a floor full of music provided by two guests from Wolf+Lamb, Deniz Kurtel – live and jozif who recently joined Crosstown Rebel agency and looking into bigger future.

With pack full of people on the dance floor party was in the hype. I just could not really tell when it peaked, because while I was there from about 1 till 7, people were just dancing, dancing and dancig…

Take a look at some of the footage from the night and feel the vibe!




Louche at Gramaphone 05.02.2011

Some of the funky time still looping in my mind, selective pressure crew joined Louche with Prosumer. This Leeds based party’s London session was also fat, bringing crew of 60 people from their home town up in North. 4h set by Panorama Bar resident provided variety of music, old school House of Robert Owens to latest release from Steffi’s new album, Yours & Mine. It was also a night to remember.



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