RA’s early xmas present

RA xmas party at The CAMP 04.12.2010

It was all about parties at The CAMP last weekend. After super busy Süd Electronic Yule on friday, it was time for RA to give out early xmas presents to music lovers in London. And it turned out to be just what I wanted for xmas!

Started off smoothly in style by Jozif who just released RA podcast prior to the event (after 4 months of preparation with his original edits as he told me… ) and decks was passed onto New Kanada’s boss, Adam Marshall just after midnight. He took everyone to a musical journey with melodic, yet deep sound of modern House. Bruno Pronsato‘s live set was continuous liner build up until the end, crowed responded very well to the wave of his romantic techno. (I must say, I did not pick right time to film… sorry Bruno!) Pepe Bradock topped the night with his solid groove of beats and sounds. Dance floor had a great atmospheric vibe, hands were right up in the air!

One DJ after another dance floor was developing into something else with music lovin’ clubbers and selection of music was plentiful in variety, which made the party as one of the top event of this winter 2010 in London,
well… for me at least!

longer individual videos of each act are at… vimeo.com/​channels/​selectivepressureuk

or scroll down to see your favorite acts in more detail x



and massive thanks to RA crew for a feed about selective pressure video channel x


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